Dealer/Installer Testimonials

Hear from our dealers and installers about why they love being part of the illume Skylight Alternative community. 
National Skylights


“Business is booming since I started installing this great quality product!”


Jamie Aitken by trade is a roof plumber but for last 30 years he has been installing skylights. At first Jamie installed traditional skylights however once the illume Skylight Alternative bug bit him he found it hard to install anything else.

As a result, he now sleeps more soundly when a storm hits as he knows he won’t be getting those pesky calls from customers complaining about storm damaged skylights.

Jamie installs the illume Skylight Alternative for several customers a day. His customers say that Jamie’s enthusiasm for the product is infectious and that once he has evangelised the benefits of the illume Skylight Alternative they feel to choose otherwise would be plain silly.

“I installed traditional skylights for 20 years but now only install illume Skylight Alternative products. It only takes a third of the time to install, is a great quality product and business is booming!”

Here are some of Jamie’s tips for illume™ Skylight Alternative installers:

  1. Always carry an illume Skylight Alternative with you when you are out and about seeing potential customers. Jamie believes they sell themselves once a customer sees what they look like and the simplicity of how they work.
  2. When changing a traditional skylight for this product, choose a slightly larger size so the ceiling is perfectly finished and there are no gaps.
  3. This has only happened once but is worth noting, if a customer complains there is too much light (don’t get me started) instead of going down the path of pulling out the product and replacing it with a smaller one, change out the solar collector for a smaller one and instantly the room will have a softer ambience.
  4. Another tip when changing an illume Skylight Alternative for a traditional skylight is to go that extra mile and match up the missing roof tiles of the existing roof by sourcing the same tiles at a trusty local salvage yard. It usually only means purchasing three or four tiles for a few dollars but the customer will love you for ever.
  5. Finally when going to do a job for a customer keep a few extra products in the car because once they see the illume Skylight Alternative installed they will want another one somewhere else in their home (50% of time guaranteed).

SGB Electrical


“Its simplicity and affordability is often impressive to customers. It has been very good for my business.”


Great Scott! This product is a winner.

After 10 years working for a commercial electrical services company, licensed electrician, Scott Musgrove started his own business in 2014. As part of that business, Scott has been installing illume Skylight Alternatives for over two years and reaping the rewards for doing so.

Scott first discovered the product when Arden Homes made contact to install multiple units in one of their homes. He quickly saw the opportunity to grow his business by selling and installing the product.

“illume Skylight Alternative is a very innovative product that solves several issues in residential and commercial spaces,” Scott said. “It is something different, it is energy-efficient, it provides great light and it is very simple to install.

“I find that people are very interested in the product when I explain the features and benefits it introduces.

“Reducing power bills is a great starting point for the conversation but there is much more to this product when you take into account the fact that it offers a similar look and feel of a traditional skylight without the need to cut a hole in the roof which is nearly always problematic and expensive.

Scott said that becoming an illume Skylight Alternative installer has added another profitable aspect to his business and he finds that his electrical work offers great opportunities to up-sell with the product and vice-versa.

“When I quote on general electrical work, I take the opportunity to tell them about illume Skylight Alternative products and show them places on their premises where it would be worthwhile to introduce additional light,” Scott said. “It works the other way too. When I am installing an illume Skylight Alternative from a lead generated by Kimberley, I make sure they know I am a qualified electrician and sometimes that leads to work on the spot or soon after.

“I generally have a good strike rate when telling people about the illume Skylight Alternative. It’s a product that ticks a lot of boxes for customers around reducing household costs and improving daytime lighting.

“Its simplicity and affordability is often impressive to them. It has been very good for my business.”

Doing business with Kimberley Products who manufacture the product has been a breeze, according to Scott.

“I live local to their factory, so I can pretty well drop in any time to pick up orders,” he said “I also get a lot of leads from them via the website or through other means.

“If I had to break it down, I’d say that 40 per cent of the illume Skylight Alternatives I install come from Kimberley’s leads. Another 30 per cent comes through word-of-mouth with happy past customers telling other people about the product and the other 30 per cent from me telling my general electrical clients about the product.

“From an installer’s point-of-view, it is a complete winner.”


Skylight Team


“I love the fact that they can be fitted anywhere while the quality of light they emit is amazing and they are really easy and quick to install.”


A New String to the Skylight Team’s Bow

Tony Campanella from Sydney-based company, The Skylight Team, has over 25 years’ experience installing traditional shafted natural light systems but since discovering the illume Skylight Alternative three years ago, his preference is now to always install our product where possible.

Tony feels that the illume Skylight Alternative- which uses a roof-mounted solar cell connected to an LED light panel – is a superior solution to all other skylights irrespective of whether they use shafts or tubes to channel external light.

This year, Tony set out to confirm what he had always suspected about the illume Skylight Alternative which was that it would be almost impossible for an untrained eye to tell the difference from a traditional skylight if placed in the same room.

“I was asked to come in and sort out some skylights at a childcare centre in Sydney’s inner city suburb of Alexandria,” he said. “I replaced a traditional skylight with an illume Skylight Alternative and then compared it to another shafted system in the same room and no-one could tell the difference”.

“In fact, the Skylight Alternative was significantly brighter than the other one.”

Tony said that he originally discovered this product when looking around in the internet for alternative light sources and options for lighting where traditional skylights wouldn’t work.

Now, he can’t recommend them highly enough to his clients and he is also gratefully receiving a lot of leads from the products’ manufacturer, Kimberley Products.

“After seeing them online, I contacted illume Skylight Alternative to find out more information and loved the concept immediately,” he said. “I love the fact that they can be fitted anywhere while the quality of light they emit is amazing and they are really easy and quick to install”.

“It gives me another lighting solution to offer customers and means that I never have to walk away from a job because there is limited space or no feasible access to roof space to install traditional skylight or tubed system”.

“In addition, because the product is so simple to install, it means I can do multiple jobs in a day which increases the profitability of my business.”


Expert Skylights


“My inclination these days is to offer the illume Skylight Alternative first as they are so much easier and quicker to install than other solutions.”


It took a while for Scott from Expert Skylights to be convinced that the illume Skylight Alternative represented a product range that needed to be added to the business but once he started installing them, he was instantly converted and now can’t get enough of them.

“Prior to installing illume Skylight Alternative products, most of our business was installing traditional shafted skylights as well as Velux systems,” he said. “Now, I’d have to say that my inclination these days is to offer illume Skylight Alternative first as they are so much easier and quicker to install than alternative solutions.”

“The illume Skylight Alternative is a quality product supplied by a quality company. It has all the features of a traditional skylight and several added benefits including that it can also be installed anywhere and doesn’t have the same problem with leaking and maintenance that shafted systems do.”

Scott said that the product is also a much more affordable option for introducing light to dark recesses.

“They can be installed just about anywhere even if you cannot access the roof-space, it also means that I never have to knock back a job.”

“I have lots of options to offer my clients which boosts sales for Expert Skylights. I order stock every month which means that the time-frame from receiving an order to having it fitted and working is very short.”