Solar Roof Ventilator

Solar Roof Ventilator

The Kimberley™ Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to cool down your home by drawing hot air out of your roof space and replacing it with cooler air from outside. Solar Roof Ventilators will also protect your home from airborne moisture related damage to building materials.

In every home, moisture and humid air in a roof cavity condense into water droplets. Like external heat generated by the suns rays, other interior activities create moisture in the air. Activities such as showering, cooking and doing the laundry cause rising moisture which can lead to mildews that damage plasterboard, weaken building materials and lead to electrical and health problems.

Due to the high speed that the Kimberley™ Solar Roof Ventilator operates at, it can be possible to hear the unit during its running hours, however the noise produced is minimal.

Solar Roof Ventilator Features

  • Brushless DC motor
  • Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels
  • Fully solar-powered with no operating costs
  • Operates without reliance on wind velocity
  • Rust resistant galvanised steel frame
  • High strength Nylon multi blade fan
  • Helps prevent damage to electrical systems
  • Reduces cooling energy costs
  • Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlight
  • Tempered glass solar panel component





In January 2020 we will be releasing 2 new models of roof vents expanding our range of Roof Vents


KSV300 – High Performance Solar Vent
  • Round Appearance
  • 18 Watt Solar Panel
  • 14 Inch nylon multi blade fan
  • Thermostatic operation
  • Flexible 600x600mm Base


KSV300PD – Premium High Performance Solar Vent with Detached solar panel
  • Round Appearance
  • 30 Watt Detachable Solar Panel – This allows for some flexibility in mounting locations
  • 14 Inch nylon multi blade fan
  • Thermostatic operation