illume™ The Skylight Alternative


Install an illume™ anywhere in your home or office.
No roof access required.


illume™ The Skylight Alternative


Install an illume™ anywhere in your home or office.
No roof access required.


Why choose an illume™?

No heat transfer
Unlike a traditional skylight, room temperature is not compromised by a shaft breaking the integrity of insulation against external conditions. It means that an illume™ fitted space will retain heat in winter and repel heat in summer more efficiently than a shafted skylight system would thereby further adding to utility cost savings.
No leaks
Fitting an illume™ requires no modification to the roof structure. With all roof materials remaining intact, there is no opportunity for water to pool or trickle down through the light diffuser.
Environmentally Friendly
illume is entirely powered by solar energy with no mains power or batteries required. Just like a traditional skylight, illume brightens your space during the day reflecting external light conditions and sustainably reducing utility energy costs.

Quick and easy to Install
illume™ is so easy to install. It requires no specialist tools or trade skills. Simply mount the solar collector on the roof, cut out the templated hole in the ceiling plaster, connect the cable and you’re done!



You can DIY or use our established Installer network.

Traditional Skylight

Home illume Skylights

illume™ Skylight Alternative

Home illume Skylights

How does illume™ work?

illume™ Skylight Alternative creates harmony between internal and external lighting using Ambient Light Technology (A.L.T). The system comes to life and adjusts itself as the sun makes its way across the sky. Just like traditional skylights, the light emitted by an illume™ system is variable based on the angle of sunlight and volume of cloud cover.

The skylight Alternative that you can install in any room on any floor of any residential, commercial or public building

Unlike traditional skylights, you don’t require direct roof access to install an illume™ Skylight Alternative. You can place an illume™ light panel in any internal space where additional daytime lighting is of benefit including basements, pantries, walk-in wardrobes, internal bathrooms and ground floor living rooms in multi-story floor-plans.

Our Installer Network

Our established Installer Network provides reliable and qualified tradesmen in your area, who can install your illume™ in any large or small residential or commercial space.

The experienced installers are trained to understand your needs and meet your requirements.

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Commercial Applications

Bring the ambience of day lighting light into areas where traditional skylights can’t be fitted, such as offices and building spaces.

Bring Light to any Room

illume™ is a revolutionary way of introducing ambient day lighting into any internal space of any building. Choose from our range of surface and flush mounted illume™ Skylight Alternatives.

Multi-System Solar Panel

Our multi-system solar panels create the feeling of balanced harmony between external and internal lighting conditions in multiple rooms.

“There are no dark, gloomy spaces and the whole house feels bright and welcoming thanks to the illume™ Skylight Alternative”


Time to be smart with an illume