Dealer/Installer Frequently Asked Questions

Q/ is there a franchise fee?

A/ no, we are not selling a franchise, we are seeking Dealer/installers to sell and install our illume

Q/ What costs are there?

A/ we ask that an accredited dealer/installer hold approximately $2000 of stock

Q/ are there other costs associated to being a dealer/installer?

A/ we ask that a decal logo is fitted to your work truck and that is a minimal cost of about $300 – $400

Q/ what support am I going to get from Kimberley Products?

A/ we provide sales, technical and marketing support at no charge

Q/ do I have to spend a certain amount with Kimberley Products each year?

A/ we expect our dealers to spend a minimum of $8 – $10K per annum

Q/ what if I don’t spend the expected amount?

A/ we will assist you to work out how you can grow your business, in the event you are not putting in and constantly don’t sell illume we would mutually agree to close your account.

Q/ When will I start getting leads?

A/ leads are distributed to dealer/installer that follow our criteria and dedicate commitment and buy product. Once a dealer/installer displays the commitment, we put you on our website and hand you leads.

Q/ do I get a designated area to service?

A/ we don’t provide exclusive areas, however we don’t want dealers/installers in the same suburbs, hence we space them out. There are over nine millions homes in Australia, which leaves a lot of homes to target.

Q/ if I need training, can I come to your office and receive training?

A/ we are more than happy for dealer/installers to spend time learning the do’s and don’ts. We have skilled people who can show you in detail how to install an illume even, once you are up and operating we still support you, if you have any challenges.

Q/ what sort of income should I expect to earn?

A/ we have dealer/installers that are consistently installing up to 5 & 10 per day, and are earning a healthy income.

Q/ can I advertise and market illume under my business?

A/ yes, but we ask that the guide-lines for branding and logos are followed to ensure continuity

Q/ do I have to sign an agreement?

A/ we have a standard dealer/installer agreement drawn up for both parties to sign