Jamie Aitken by trade is a roof plumber but for last 30 years he has been installing skylights. At first Jamie installed traditional skylights however once the illume bug bit him he found it hard to install anything else but illumes. As a result, he now sleeps more soundly when a storm hits as he knows he won’t be getting those pesky calls from customers complaining about storm damaged skylights.

Jamie installs illumes for several customers a day. His customers say that Jamie’s enthusiasm for illume is infectious and that once he has evangelised the benefits of illume they feel to choose otherwise would be plain silly.

Here are some of Jamie’s tips for illume installers:

  1. Always carry an illume with you when you are out and about seeing potential customers. Jamie believes they sell themselves once a customer sees what they look like and the simplicity of how they work.
  2. When changing a traditional skylight for an illume, choose a slightly larger size so the ceiling is perfectly finished and there are no gaps.
  3. This has only happened once but is worth noting, if a customer complains there is too much light (don’t get me started) instead of going down the path of pulling out the illume and replacing it with a smaller illume, change out the solar collector for a smaller one and instantly the room will have a softer ambience.
  4. Another tip when changing an illume for a traditional skylight is to go that extra mile and match up the missing roof tiles of the existing roof by sourcing the same tiles at a trusty local salvage yard. It usually only means purchasing three or four tiles for a few dollars but the customer will love you for ever.
  5. Finally when going to do a job for a customer keep a few extra illumes in the car because once they see the illume installed they will want another one somewhere else in their home (50% of time guaranteed).