When it comes to selecting the right illume Skylight Alternative product, both practicality and style usually come to mind. Installing an illume Skylight Alternative into a recessed ceiling or wall can make the perfect design conscious lighting solution.

Recessed options of the light are set back into the wall or ceiling that the light is fixed to. They create the feeling of a bigger space and blend easily into your wall or ceiling.

The best part is that they are super versatile in terms of the space you can use them in. They are ideal for rooms with low ceilings as they help you savour your ceiling space, and they look beautiful in a hallway or kitchen, or where natural light may not reach.

They create a minimalist ambience and are ideal for the design conscious. Just like all of the illume Skylight Alternative range they are quick and easy to install and come with all of the classic benefits;

No heat transfer – Unlike a traditional skylight, room temperatures are not compromised by a shaft breaking the integrity of insulation against external conditions. This means the illume Skylight Alternative will retain heat in winter and repel heat in summer more efficiently than a shafted skylight system, further reducing utility costs.

No leaks – Fitting an illume Skylight Alternative requires no modification to the roof structure. With all roof materials remaining intact, there is no opportunity for water to pool or trickle down through the light diffuser.

Environmentally friendly – The illume Skylight Alternative is entirely powered by solar energy with no mains power or batteries required. Just like a traditional skylight, the illume Skylight Alternative brightens your space during the day reflecting external light conditions and reducing utility energy costs.

View our range of illume Skylight Alternatives to suit your recessed lighting project. If you are looking at installing a window option then check out the illume Interior Windows.

Top image
Perfect example of how a recessed illume Skylight Alternative can brighten up your narrow hallway and create a simple, clean finish to your space.

Bottom image
If you don’t have access to natural light from windows, illume Windows could be the ideal option for you. The recessed design in this hallway is modern and beautifully illuminates the space