7 November 2016 - Better Homes & Gardens

Skylights are great… if you have direct roof access. But with this new system, any room (or hallway!) can be blessed with light. The secret is a solar collector placed on the northern aspect of your roof. A cable then connects the collector to a light panel that is set into the ceiling of your chosen space. It’s as simple as that!   Gather your supplies

8 November 2016 - Facilities Management Magazine

  When Geelong-based Four18 Architecture won a design tender for new toilet blocks situated at strategic sites along Victoria’s iconic Great Ocean Road, illume Shaftless Solar Skylight Systems were integral to achieving the minimal visual impact, sustainability and low-maintenance objectives for the facilities. Commissioned by State Government-supported local foreshore management group, the Great Ocean Road

10 May 2017 - Replacing Storm Damaged Skylights

    Barlow Builders is based in Broken Hill, NSW, a town that is best-known as an iconic Australian mining town in the desert. Over 500 kilometres from the nearest capital city, Broken Hill has an isolated population of around 20,000 who rely on their local builders, carpenters and other tradespeople for most household repairs.

10 May 2017 - Top Tips For A Better Installation

  Jamie Aitken by trade is a roof plumber but for last 30 years he has been installing skylights. At first Jamie installed traditional skylights such as Velux however once the illume bug bit him he found it hard to install anything else but illumes. As a result, he now sleeps more soundly when a storm

10 May 2017 - The Australian Hospital Healthcare Bulletin

  Typical of public buildings of its era, the older section of the MacLean District Hospital was not designed to optimise the use of natural light. Its wards and corridors were dark and gloomy and traditionally dependent on significant utility-powered lighting to maintain any semblance of brightness for patients and health services delivery staff. MacLean


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