Become an Installer/Dealer

1. No franchise fee

2. No joining fees

3. Do not pay for leads

4. Do not pay commission on jobs

5. Easy to install, innovative products

6.Free marketing support

7. Free technical support

8. Dealing with an established 62 year old reputable business

Installer Criteria

  • Be prepared to quote and install illume and/or solar vent
  • Respond to consumer requests within 48 hours
  • Agree to provide a quote to consumers within 5 days
  • Provide us confirmation that the quote has been provided to the consumer
  • Act and represent us in a professional manner at all times
  • Provide feedback to us with the progress of the quote upon request
  • illume and/or solar vent to be displayed on your website
  • Acknowledge that our customer service team will follow up the sales lead
  • Provide excellent customer service to consumers on the illume product range
Frequently Asked Questions
installer illume skylights

“I installed traditional skylights for 20 years but now only install illume™. It only takes a third of the time to install, is a great quality product and business is booming!”