illume™ Shafted Skylight

illume™ Shafted Skylights

illume shafted skylight is a complete skylight system that delivers outstanding performance with a clean modern appearance.  The modular construction makes installation simple for the tradesman or competent handyman.

With this skylight system, you can create a natural, brighter, cleaner, happier lifestyle and environment for your home or office.

There is no reason to suffer dark and gloomy corners or rooms – illume Skylights provide the right natural light to suit your needs.  Our unique design means maximum light with minimal heat loss/gain.

Manufactured specifically for high light transmission, the polyester bonded light shaft transfers more light to where you need it.  It is super flexible to avoid obstructions (such as roof bearers) inside your roof space and adjusts to match your specific roof pitch and ceiling height.

illume Shafted Skylight is available for both tile and corrugated metal roofs.


  • Available in 300 & 400mm round or 400mm square kits
  • Durable, aluminium soaker tray can be moulded to suit either tile or corrugated roofs.
  • Comes complete with a standard 2 metre length of flexible light Shaft
  • Topped with a hail/impact resistant moulded dome
  • One piece roof assembly for simple installation


  • Toughened acrylic dome
  • High performance flexible lightshaft
  • Durable ABS plastic ceiling frame
  • Prismatic diffuser panel
  • All required fixings
  • Installation instructions