Shaftless™ Solar Skylight System

illume™ Clouds

illume™ Clouds

Picture this. You are standing in a boutique shop located in the basement level of a shopping centre and looking up to see a bright cloudy sky. This is now possible with illume™ Clouds, a lighting concept that recreates the appearance of the sky outside thereby enabling that al fresco sense of space and calm within enclosed spaces.

Based on the award winning illume™ Shaftless™ Solar Skylight System, illume™ Clouds takes day lighting to the next level with the addition of sky and clouds in the diffuser panel.

As the illume™ Clouds system is modular and can be tailored to fit almost any room, it is a perfect solution for children’s nurseries/daycare centres, gyms, dental surgeries, aged care facilities, large retail complexes and commercial work-places.

Illume™ Clouds is also a perfect opportunity to create ambient light in multi-story residential buildings, to brighten a basement games room or for enhancing serenity within patient and palliative care environments in the health services industry.

illume™ Clouds Features

  • Available in 600x600mm panels
  • Other sizes such as 600×900, 300×1200 and 600x1200mm available upon request
  • Easy to install in standard plaster and suspended ceilings
  • Operates on mains power like a conventional light fitting
  • No major roof alteration required
  • Completely sealed system – no leaks or bugs
  • No heat or noise transfer

Kit Includes

  • illume™ Clouds light panel with sky effect inlay
  • Power supply module
  • Power distribution module
  • Light panel control module