illume Shaftless™ Solar Skylight System

A shaftless™ solar skylight system that can be installed almost anywhere. illume™ performs in a similar manner to a traditional skylight, by creating the feel of a balanced harmony between external and internal lighting conditions.

Benefits of using the illume Shaftless™ Solar Skylight System as opposed to a traditional skylight

An illume for any situation

illume Solar Skylight
Shafted Skylight
Roof Window
illume Clouds

“The illume system proved to be exactly what we were after because we could mount the light panels wherever we wanted them.”

Damian Tirchett , Principal, Silvan Primary School

“What I really liked about the illume system is that it gave us so much more flexibility than other solutions,”

Wayne Krygsman , Architect

“There are no dark, gloomy spaces and the whole house feels bright and welcoming thanks to the illume skylight.”

Wendy Vella , Design Consultant, Styleline


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